Rail Car Plugs and Sliding Door Safety

Securing rail car plugs and sliding doors is paramount to prevent injury by the door operating assembly. Here is a training program that helps identify procedures for assuring doors and plugs are opened and closed safely. In addition, here are a number of photographs showing what one company is doing to increase safety in handling rail car doors.


RPTA Certifies Member Mills After Rigorous Auditing Process
The RPTA announced today that it has completed a rigorous, two-year auditing process by NSF of RPTA member mills, assuring brand owners that products produced by certified RPTA member companies are suited for direct food contact packaging applications. For more information, click here.


2018 Industry Profile Study
Registration for the 2018 RPTA Industry Profile Study, the annual physical properties benchmarking study is underway. RPTA members who plan to register can find information on the 2018 study including the registration form here.