Membership Criteria

There are three categories of members in RPTA.

  • General — available to companies engaged in the business of manufacturing recycled paperboard or containerboard in which recovered fiber constitutes at least ninety percent of the fibrous raw material. General members are afforded the benefit of all RPTA activities.

  • Technical — available to companies engaged in the business of manufacturing recycled paperboard or containerboard in which recovered fiber constitutes at least ninety percent of the fibrous raw material, but are not involved in food-related packaging. Technical members are eligible to participate in all activities of RPTA except those associated with food packaging.

  • Protocol — available to manufacturers of fiber-based products with recycled content who are interested in using their products in food-related applications but are not eligible for General Membership because, for example, the company does not produce paperboard products with ninety percent recycled content.

Membership dues are assessed annually at the instruction of, and approved by, the Association's Board of Trustees. All dues, in each classification, are based on the common denominator of annual total tons produced/sold of relevant material. At this time, only manufacturers of recycled paperboard and related products are eligible for membership.

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RPTA Announces 2021 Scholarship Recipients
Click here for details.

2021 Industry Profile Study
Registration has been completed for the 2021 Annual Physical Properties Benchmarking Study and sampling is in process.

Information and forms for participants are available at this member-only site.

Members can access the Profile Study reports from prior years by clicking here.

Winter Webinar Provided to Members
January 27, 2021
Winder Safety, with presentations by Scott Springmier and Jack Corbett – both experienced Valmet managers. Presentation slides and webinar recording are available at this member-only site.

RPTA Continues to Certify Member Mills
RPTA continues the certification program first implemented in 2018 for RPTA member mills. RPTA uses a rigorous auditing process conducted by NSF to assure brand owners that products produced by certified RPTA member companies are suited for direct food contact packaging applications. For more information, click here.

For a complete list of certified mills, click here.


RPTA 2021 P-T Seminar is Going Virtual
The Seminar is going virtual this year and will be held May 4 and 5, 2021, as an integral part of TappiCon Virtual 2021. RPTA’s content can be viewed here

Please click here to see the full TAPPI program available.

RPTA Scholarship
RPTA is offering $100 scholarships, for up to 20 attendees per RPTA member company. This is in addition to TAPPI’s group discount.

Detailed registration, scholarship and group discount information is available here.

Please be advised that RPTA will not participate in TappiCon 2021 Live next fall. Instead, RPTA will focus on RPTA’s annual Fall Roundtable.

2021 Summer Webinar
The Operating Board will host a webinar on Brown Fiber Re-Pulping and Reject Handling Best Practices on July 21, 2021, presented by Steven Johnson from Kadant Black Clawson.

As in the past, RPTA members will receive multiple emails regarding webinar and registration information, starting a few months ahead of the webinar.

2021 Fall Roundtable
Our in-person Roundtable is tentatively planned for October 6 & 7, 2021 in the Greater Atlanta Area, followed by a mill tour of Greif’s Sweetwater mill in Austell, Georgia.

Topic: Water Reuse in Recycle Boxboard and Containerboard Mills – Challenges and Solutions

RPTA will update this page as seminar and accommodation plans are finalized.