Certified Member Mills for Food-Contact Paperboard

Cartones Ponderosa

San Juan del Rio Mill
San Juan del Rio, Querete MX
Certificate In Process


Cabano Mill
Temiscouata-sur-le-lac, QC CAN
Certificate #03-18-753805-06

Greenpac Mill, LLC
Niagara Falls, NY USA
Certificate #03-18-753805-03

Kingsey Falls Mill
Kingsey Falls, QC CAN
(398 Marie-Victorin Blvd.)
Certificate #03-18-753805-04

Kingsey Falls Mill
Kingsey Falls, QC CAN
(408 Marie-Victorin Blvd.)
Certificate #03-18-753805-05

Mechanicville Mill
Mechanicville, NY USA
Certificate #03-18-753805-07

Mississauga Mill
Mississauga, ON CAN
Certificate #03-18-753805-01

Niagara Falls Mill
Niagara Falls, NY USA
Certificate #03-18-753805-02

Trenton Mill
Trenton, ON CN
Certificate In Process

Graphic Packaging Intl

Battle Creek Mill
Battle Creek, MI USA
Certificate #5-C0322100-temp

East Angus Mill
East Angus, QC CAN
Certificate #05-18-531603-02

Kalamazoo Mill
Kalamazoo, MI USA
Certificate #5-C0335957-temp

Middletown Mill
Middletown, OH USA
Certificate #05-18-531603-04

Greif, Inc.

Austell Mill #1 and Mill #2
Austell, GA USA
Certificate #02-18-864906-06

Carotell Paperboard Mill
Taylors, SC USA
Certificate #02-18-864906-02

Cincinatti Paperboard
Cincinatti, OH USA
Certificate #2-C0335944-temp

Fitchburg Paperboard Mill
Fitchburg, MA USA
Certificate #02-18-864906-07

Los Angeles Boxboard Mill
Los Angeles, CA USA
Certificate #02-18-864906-04

Milwaukee Paperboard Mill
Milwaukee, WI USA
Certificate #2-C0335951-temp

Ohio Paperboard Mill
Baltimore, OH USA
Certificate #2-C0335941-temp

Santa Clara Paperboard Mill
Santa Clara, CA USA
Certificate #02-18-864906-03

Sweetwater Paperboard Mill
Austell, GA USA
Certificate #02-18-864906-05

Tacoma Paperboard
Tacoma, WA USA
Certificate #02-18-864906-08

Tama Paperboard Mill
Tama, IA USA
Certificate #2-C0335873-temp

Kruger Inc.

Montreal Containerboard Mill
Montreal, QC CN
Certificate #4-C0556423-temp

Three Rivers Mill
Trois-Rivières, QC CN
Certificate #13-19-0086028-01

Liberty Paper

Becker Mill
Becker, MN USA
Certificate # 6- C0335955-temp

McKinley Paper

Prewitt Mill
Prewitt, NM USA
Certificate #12-18-975917-01

Midwest Paper Group

Combined Locks Mill
Combined Locks, WI USA
Certificate #16-C0539452-temp

Newman & Company, Inc.

Philadelphia Mill
Philadelphia, PA USA
Certificate #07-18-310401-01

Ox Industries

Carthage Mill
Carthage, NY USA
Certificate #08-19-209300-03

Halltown Mill
Halltown, WV USA
Certificate #08-18-209300-02

Pekin Mill
Pekin, IL USA
Certificate #8-C0322094-temp

White Pigeon Mill
White Pigeon, MI USA
Certificate #11-18-266308-01


Nappanee Mill
Nappanee, ON CAN
Certificate #09-18-108209-01

Wabash Mill
Wabash, IN USA
Certificate #9-C0335962-temp

Pratt Industries

Conyers Mill
Conyers, GA USA
Certificate #14-C0536867-temp

Shreveport Mill
Shreveport, LA USA
Certificate #14-C0536870-temp

Staten Island Mill
Staten Island, NY USA
Certificate #14-C0536870-temp

Valparaiso Mill
Valparaiso, IN USA
Certificate #14-20-975917-01


Battle Creek Mill
Battle Creek, MI USA
Certificate #10-C0322093-temp

Chattanooga Mill
Chattanooga, TN USA
Certificate #10-18-377419-03

Cowpens Mill
Cowpens, SC USA
Certificate #10-20-377419-11

Dallas Mill
Dallas, TX USA
Certificate #10-18-377419-04

Dublin Mill
Dublin, GA USA
Certificate #10-18-377419-06

Eaton Mill
Eaton, IN USA
Certificate #10-C0335881-temp

Missisquoi Mill
Sheldon Springs, VT USA
Certificate #10-18-377419-08

St. Paul Mill
St. Paul, MN USA
Certificate #10-C0335847-temp

Seminole Mill
Jacksonville, FL USA
Certificate #10-18-377419-05

Solvay Mill
Syracuse, NY USA
Certificate #10-18-377419-07

Stroudsburg Mill
Delaware Water Gap, PA USA
Certificate #10-18-377419-02

Note: Temporary certificates (-temp) are being issued due COVID-19. Temporary certification is based on off-site audits that include detailed document review and personnel interviews by teleconference. A regular certificate will be issued after the period of social distancing ends and on-site audits are completed successfully.


RPTA Announces 2021 Scholarship Recipients
Click here for details.

2021 Summer Webinar
On July 21, 2021, the RPTA Operating Board hosted a webinar on Brown Fiber Re-Pulping and Reject Handling Best Practices.

Presented by Steven Johnson, Applications Engineer, Kadant Black Clawson, and moderated by Dave Pearson, General Manager, Westrock.

The Webinar recording and a pdf file of the slides are available at this member-only site.

Industry Profile Study
The 2021 Industry Profile Study Report has been published for RPTA membership . It includes results from 204 samples, off 62 machines at 47 mills.

Members can access the 2021 Profile Study Report, along with reports from prior years, by clicking here.

RPTA Certification of Member Mills
RPTA continues the certification program first implemented in 2018 for RPTA member mills. RPTA uses a rigorous auditing process conducted by NSF to assure members and brand owners that products produced by certified mills are suited for direct food contact packaging applications. For more information, click here.

For a complete list of certified mills, click here.


2022 Winter Webinar
The Operating Board will host a webinar on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time.

The topic is Building a Training Program from Within by Joel Scheider, President of Task Trainers, Inc. and Mark Murphy, Westrock General Manager, Lynchburg, VA

To register, follow this REGISTRATION LINK

Roundtable – Rescheduled for February 23 & 24, 2022
Water Reuse in Recycle Mills - Challenges & Solutions
Save the dates for now. RPTA will communicate details, including registration link, as we get closer to Roundtable dates.

2022 P-T Seminar
RPTA’s annual Production-Technical Seminar will be held in Charlotte, NC on May 2nd and 3rd, co-located with TAPPICon 2022.