Production Technical Seminar

The Production-Technical (P-T) Seminar is RPTA's annual premier educational program for members. The Seminar focuses on issues that affect the ability of the recycled paperboard manufacturers to meet the growing demands of the marketplace, including fiber supply and reliability, energy efficiency, production efficiency, maintenance and reliability, and emerging issues.

Information members learn through the P-T Seminars will help companies make the highest quality recycled paperboard while reducing costs and environmental impacts.

RPTA's Production Technical Seminar is held annually at TAPPICon - TAPPI's annual paper convention - and is open to both RPTA members and non-members who attend TAPPICon.

2023 Production-Technical Seminar
Held April 24 and 25 at the Cobb Galleria Center in Atlanta, co-located with TAPPICon 2023.

Use the links below to access the Session Recordings and Power Point presentations.

Session 1 - Safer Operations Recording
Job Risk Reduction – PRO Card Program- Jennifer Jackson
Safer Operations with Automated Threading - David Liem and Daryll Benn
Plus a panel discussion on Keeping Employees Safe in Times of High Employee Turnover

Session 2 - Fiber Recovery Optimization Recording
Aphron Technology for Fiber Recovery - Knollenberg
Fiber Recovery Optimization Using Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) - Wolkow
Fiber Savings Through System and Screening Optimization - Fetterly

Session 3 - Process Data Best Practices Recording
Paper machine wet-end vision technology - Papertech-IBS - Hilden and Wratschko
Process Data Best Practices - Donald Stanley
Time-Series Data Best Practices - Gavigan

Session 4 - Wet End Operations Recording
Fundamentals of Wet End Chemistry - Larry Anker
Managing and Optimizing the Vacuum-Dewatering System for Papermakers - Doug Sweet
Multivariant Solutions for Wet End Process Control Issues – Elliott Bell


2022 Production-Technical Seminar
May 2nd & 3rd at the Charlotte Convention Center, co-located with TAPPICon 2022. Use the links below to access the 13 Power Point presentations.

Session 1: Contaminant Removal
Identification and Characterization of Organic Contaminants - Jason Wang
Performance and Effectiveness of Contemporary Cleaning Systems - Steven Johnson
Mechanical, Operational and Chemical Strategies for Managing Stickies - Garnet Bremner

Session 2: Refining
Refining Strategy Development for Recycled Based Paper Mills - Arvind Singhai
How to Fibrillate Recycled Fibers to Achieve up to 25% Additional Strength - David Zerr
The Future of Refining - Pat Dixon

Session 3: Paper Machine Drying
Optimizing Paper Machine Dryer Sections - Robin Thon
Voith Cleanline Extract 4D - EJ Labranche
Drying Best Practices_Optimization - Christian Coffman

Extra presentation:
25 Cost Reduction Projects to Improve Your Mills Profitability - David Zerr

Session 4: Safety: Threading & Guarding
To the Point without a Pinch Safety Guarding Presentation - Chris Allen
Threading Safety and Efficiency - Rob Parkinson
Advances in Tail Threading Safety in 2022 - Jim Werner


Links to past Seminar Programs are below:

Copies of the PowerPoint presentations are available to members. Please contact the RPTA office for copies.


2023 Industry Profile Study
The 2023 Industry Profile Study has been published and is available at this member-only page. The study included a range of grades produced on 65 paper machines at 47 RPTA-member mills.

Narrow Roll Safety Guideline
Available at this web page.

Summer 2023 Webinar
On July 20th we held a webinar on Treatment Technologies for Wastewater Reuse, presented by Brown and Caldwell Engineering. Webinar slides and recording are available to RPTA members only at this web page.

2023 RPTA Fall Roundtable
The annual member-only Roundtable this year covered New Paper Mill Technology. It included presentations by Voith and Valmet and a tour of the new paper mill operations at Graphic Packaging International’s Kalamazoo Mill. Seminar slides are available at this member-only page.


2024 Winter Webinar
The webinar will be on in-line freeness control with details to follow.

2024 Production-Technical Seminar
Our next P-T Seminar will be on April 29 and 30, at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, co-located with TAPPICon 2024. Session topics are:

  1. Safer Operations
  2. Process Monitoring
  3. Multiply Machine Operations
  4. New Packaging Developments